Thailand might not be the undiscovered paradise it once was, but it’s gained popularity for good reason. Whether it’s blue seas and white beaches, full moon parties or bustling markets that you’re looking for.. Thailand has it all. Where to visit in Thailand will depend on how much time you have as well as what kind of travel you enjoy. This quick guide of where to visit in Thailand is a good place to start…


I can’t really write a ‘where to visit’ guide without mentioning Bangkok. Love it or hate it, even the most seasoned travellers are taken aback by this city time and time again. Chances are, any trip to Thailand will involve flying into or out of Bangkok, and it’s worth taking a few days to check it out. From the party street Khao San Road to having your fill of beautiful temples, riding the sky train to visiting China Town, Bangkok really does have a lot to offer. Plus, it’s a good transport base for exploring the country.


Elephant sanctuaries nestled deep within the jungles, and beautiful temples are only the tip of the iceberg for Chiang Mai. Often overlooked by travellers due to the 12 hour journey from Bangkok, but it really is worth the trip. Plan your trip to be there over the weekend.. as the Chiang Mai Weekend Market is one of the best I’ve experienced throughout Asia.


Just because you’re on a flying visit to Thailand doesn’t mean you can’t afford a little bit of island life. When you’ve had enough of the bustling cities, Koh Samet is where your attention should be. Only a 3 hour drive and a short speed boat from Bangkok, you’ll find yourself on an authentic Thai island - surrounded by beautiful (but affordable) resorts, stunning beaches and some of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever find.


Those places you visit and somehow stay a week longer than planned? That’s Pai. After a 4 hour bus ride from Chiang Mai, you’ll find yourself in this sleepy little town. If beautiful waterfalls, lazy days spent in hammocks and laidback bars are your thing, then make sure you include Pai on your Thailand adventure.


Far from below the radar, Koh Phi Phi is one of the most popular Thai islands… But that’s no reason to be put off. If you chose to spend your days on booze cruises and evenings in loud sports bars, then all the better for you! But even if not, there’s still plenty of appeal on Koh Phi Phi. By day, rent a kayak and discover secluded beaches. In the evening, enjoy a beautiful sunset and chose from the huge choice of restaurants. By night, find a chilled out bar with some great live music.