Ubud is a foodie’s paradise.. whether you’re looking for a cheap eat, local food or a taste from home, Ubud has it all.


An expat favourite, but for good reason. Along with a comfortable and relaxed setup, Kafe offers an extensive range of healthy fresh juices, homemade desserts, local cuisine and foods from all around the world. A great spot for vegetarians and vegans as there’s loads of choice! Not recommended for a strict budget but it’s good value for healthy western food.
For lunch or dinner for 2 people, expect to pay 150,000 - 200,000 IDR. (£8-11/$US 11-15)
Based on: 1 lentil stew, 1 veggie quesadilla and 2 large fresh juices.


A great little Warung just outside Ubud Centre. Lovely local food for very decent prices.
Lunch or dinner for 2 people comes to less than 100,000 IDR (>£5/>$US8)
Based on: 2 local dishes (the chopped chicken is great) and 2 soft drinks.


One of my favourite breakfast spots. They actually have 2 cafes with the same name but both are great. Prices are very decent and the smoothie bowls are definitely Instagram worthy.
For breakfast for 2 expect to pay around 150,000 IDR (£8/$US11).
Based on: 1 granola, yogurt + fruit bowl, 1 french toast, 2 fresh orange juice and 2 lattes.


For when you’re craving something quick and you’ve had enough of Nasi Goreng, Happy Falafel is perfect. Fill up your pitta with as much as you can from the salad bar.
Lunch/Dinner for 2 = 130,000 IDR (£7/$US10)
Based on: 1 falafel pitta, 1 chicken gyro, 1 french fries and 2 drinks.


Not a cheap eat by Balinese standards, but Clear Café offers a range of local food as well as food from further afield... along with some really tasty juices and shakes. The food is great, but the real appeal here is the setting. The restaurant itself is a work of art, and a lovely place to spend an afternoon.
For lunch/dinner for 2 expect to pay around 200,000 IDR (£11/$US15)
Based on: 1 veggie burger, 1 pesto pasta, 2 fruit shakes.


Because there’s very little that pizza can’t fix. If you’ve been travelling for a while, you might have started craving pizza.. you might also have discovered how hard it is to find a real pizza in some parts of the world. Or maybe you only left home a week ago and just want pizza because.. well, why wouldn’t you? Either way, Mamma Mia is the place to go. There are 2 restaurants. For some reason, one of them is always so full that it’s turning people away.. without sharing the fact that they have another restaurant just up the street. They both serve the same authentic pizzas and pastas so be sure to check them both out. (They also do takeaway and delivery for those extra lazy nights).
1 Margarita pizza costs 45,000 IDR (£2.5/$US3.3)


A great little café just outside Ubud centre, in Penestanan. Lovely spot for breakfast, lunch, or just coffee and cake. The staff are great, as is the food, and there’s free drinking water available too which is an added bonus.
Breakfast for 2 comes to around 150,000 IDR (£9/$US11)
Based on: 1 porridge, 1 omelette, 2 coffees.


While the curries are great and I love a nasi goreng as much as the next girl, Balinese food isn’t the most exciting. So, if you’ve had your fill of the local food but hate the idea of eating western food when you’re away, try Warung Siam. The food is authentic Thai, and it’s really delicious. It’s quiet during the day, but come dinner time the place is buzzing.
Lunch for 2: 140,000 IDR (£8/$US10)
Based on: 2 thai curries with rice, 2 drinks.


When you’re tired of wandering the streets of Ubud, call in here for a caramel latte or an iced lemon tea. The croissants are also delicious for a quick breakfast on the go. There are seats inside, or sit outside and you’ll be sure to a catch a ceremony or 2 as they pass by.
2 coffees 70,000 IDR (£4/$US5)