Montenegro is a beautiful Balkan country with rugged mountains, stunning beaches and quaint old towns. If cobbled streets, winding roads and blue seas are your thing, then Montenegro shouldn’t be missed.. especially while it still lies below the radar of many travellers. I was lucky enough to spend 10 days driving around this little gem of a country and had some unforgettable experiences, but with limited information available online we spent a lot of time figuring out what we should include in our trip. Sooo, to avoid you having this problem, I present to you - WHAT NOT TO MISS IN MONTENEGRO..


Ok, not exactly “off the beaten track”.. but Kotor itself cannot be missed. If you’re planning on flying into Tivat Airport like we did, then Kotor is only a 15-minute drive from the airport. It boasts a beautiful marina where you can watch the cruise ships roll in and the flocks of one-day-visitors descend into the town. But the real gem here is the Old Town. Inside the walled, pedestrian only Old Town, you’ll find yourself lost among the narrow cobbled streets, moving ice cream stand to ice cream stand and taking shelter from the sun (or rain) in quaint little bars. This is where we spent most of our time in Montenegro and I think this is where you’ll really find the charm of the country.


This walk/climb was definitely a highlight of Kotor, and of Montenegro itself. Starting just inside the walls of the Old Town (at the river entrance), you will climb consistently for approx. 90 mins.. depending on your fitness, or in my case, how many times you stop for photos. It’s totally worth it though, as you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing views of the Stari Grad and the Bay of Kotor. Click here for more tips and advice for climbing to San Giovanni Castle.


A little gem on the Bay of Kotor. Perast is easily accessible from Kotor, about a 15-minute drive. We drove, but I’ve read that buses are available as well as taxis. Perast is also included in many of the boat tours leaving from Kotor, which stop at Our Lady of The Rocks and then in Perast.. I think you get around 30 minutes in each before heading back to Kotor. This lovely little seaside village is the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon. There are endless cafes and restaurants along the seafront, perfect to read a book and have a drink.


Upon any Google search of “what to do in Montenegro” you’ll probably come across Sveti Stefan. We spent a day here while we were staying in Budva, although the highlight here was not Sveti Stefan itself, but the walk from Budva to reach it. Sveti Stefan is an islet which houses a five-star resort. Only residents can access the island, but there is one beach on ‘mainland’ which anyone can visit and enjoy views of the island. Had we driven here from Budva, the day might have turned out to be a little underwhelming.. but choosing to walk here made all the difference. It’s about 10km from Budva and we walked it in roughly 2 hours, but it feels like less as you pass through quaint little seaside towns. When we finally arrived, we enjoyed a few hours on the beach and lunch in the Olive Restaurant (the only one nearby). I’d really recommend that you stick on your trainers and enjoy the views on your way to the beach, it was really rewarding.